Other Worlds

The Vampire and Hunters were an excercise in photo/kitbashing and then painting over it to achieve a more realistic result. A dark urban fantasy kind of setting.

Hini haggmark hinihaggmark otherworld nightsiders

Different "Nightsiders". Einherjar biker, vampire rockstar and a vampire club owner.

Hini haggmark hinihaggmark otherworld hunters

Hunters from different kind of orders/conclaves.

Hini haggmark hinihaggmark urban fantasyenvironment

Continuation of my Urban Fantasy setting.

Hini haggmark hini haggmark lock hanshinihaggmark

Lock The Svartalf.

Hini haggmark hini haggmark mr bug

This was the enemy concept I did for our fps game school project. Because of the limited amount of time for rigging and animation we scaled down the crazyness a bit.

Hini haggmark hini haggmark virus scribbles

Originally had more appendages.